MSI comment on leaked Roe v. Wade Supreme Court document

"Each year, 25 million women around the world resort to dangerous and unsafe methods. The right to choose must be protected." Read More

Why do you support MSI US?

“Because I was lucky enough to afford an abortion when I needed one and birth control when I needed it - which is why I can afford to help others now.” Read More

Building climate resilience in Bangladesh 

Coastal communities in Bangladesh were already reeling from COVID-19 when Cyclone… Read More

Meet Diana, a young educator chasing her dreams

When Diana, a 25-year-old woman in Oaxaca, Mexico, left her small… Read More

World Health Day 2022: Leave no one behind

Access to reproductive choice can be life-changing. Choice keeps girls in… Read More

My body, my choice: Defending bodily autonomy

Around the world, there are millions of women who lack the… Read More

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MSI’s 2021 Impact

34.3 million people worldwide are using a method of contraception provided by MSI. Discover our 2021 impact. Read More

2020 Annual Report

With your support, we were there for women and girls in a difficult year. Read More

Reproductive choice and education

The benefits of supporting girls to stay in school are… Read More

Leave No One Behind

Access to reproductive choice can be life changing. Choice keeps girls… Read More

2020 Blue Door Fund Report

The Blue Door Fund was established to enable MSI… Read More

The Impact of the Global Gag Rule on Frontline Reproductive Healthcare

MSI’s new briefing examines the impact of the Global Gag Rule… Read More

My Body, My Voice: Women’s views on abortion care

Globally, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in abortion. Yet, with abortion… Read More

Resilience, Adaptation and Action: MSI’s response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to devastate lives and communities across the world,… Read More

2019 Global Impact Report

In 2019, MSI’s bold providers went further than ever to provide… Read More

2019 Blue Door Fund Report

The Blue Door Fund was established to enable MSI… Read More

Evidence and Insights

Across the 37 countries where we deliver services, evidence informs everything… Read More