Bringing safe abortion to women’s homes

When COVID-19 sparked a strict lockdown across Nepal, the MSI Nepal… Read More

What the suffragists thought about choice

When suffragists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were advocating for women’s… Read More

Sexual health shouldn’t be taboo!

Meet the youth volunteer teaching young people in Nepal about sexual health. Read More

Speaking out after the Global Gag Rule

Trump's Global Gag Rule banned a radio host in Nepal from even saying the word abortion. Now, she's back to providing accurate information. Read More

This Mother’s Day, celebrate choice

Many of the women who come to MSI for reproductive healthcare… Read More

UK aid cuts endanger women

“The damage to women’s lives and futures will be worse… Read More

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Reproductive choice and education

The benefits of supporting girls to stay in school are… Read More

Leave No One Behind

Access to reproductive choice can be life changing. Choice keeps girls… Read More

2020 Blue Door Fund Report

The Blue Door Fund was established to enable MSI… Read More

The Impact of the Global Gag Rule on Frontline Reproductive Healthcare

MSI’s new briefing examines the impact of the Global Gag Rule… Read More

My Body, My Voice: Women’s views on abortion care

Globally, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in abortion. Yet, with abortion… Read More

Resilience, Adaptation and Action: MSI’s response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to devastate lives and communities across the world,… Read More

2019 Global Impact Report

In 2019, MSI’s bold providers went further than ever to provide… Read More

2019 Blue Door Fund Report

The Blue Door Fund was established to enable MSI… Read More

Evidence and Insights

Across the 37 countries where we deliver services, evidence informs everything… Read More

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