Bold Women Make Choice Possible

This week, MSI United States launches a new campaign entitled Bold Women Make Choice Possible to recognize and honor the front-line women of MSI who bring reproductive choice to people even in the remotest areas. Our campaign features women in history and women today whose own bold choices paved the way for our Ladies in Blue to make choice possible for others.

There have always been women who have been the catalyst for change through their choices and actions. Women who have stepped outside convention and done what they thought was right for themselves, for other women, and their communities. Some stood on soap boxes and demanded to be heard. Others worked quietly, often in obscurity, but with just as much zeal. Abolitionists, suffragettes, feminists, environmentalists and activists of all kinds broke down barriers and forced change.

The names of some of these women are familiar to us. Women like Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Ida B. Wells, Rachel Carson, Betty Freidan, Shirley Chisholm, Gloria Steinem and so many others. We offer these women our gratitude for the changes they’ve inspired and all the doors they’ve opened.

To the women of today who continue to stand up for what they believe, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Malala Yousafzai, Isatoo Ceesay, Emma Watson and all the others, we say keep up the good work. You’re inspiring a new generation of women around the world. Women whose names may never be known, but whose contributions are vitally important.

Faith, an MSI provider, is just one of the bold women of MSI, helping women take control of their destinies.

Among the unsung heroes are MSI’s own Ladies in Blue, a bold cohort working in 37 countries to give women access to contraception and safe abortion, and all the opportunities in education and economic activity that are possible when women have the choice to decide if and when to have a child.

We chose to launch this week to coincide with World Contraception Day on September 26th and Safe Abortion Day on September 28th. We hope you’ll join us on September 28th for an informational webinar: My Body, My Voice: International Safe Abortion Day Briefing. The event will feature insights from over 1,800 interviews with women who accessed a safe abortion service with MSI. We’ll address the topic of self-managed abortions and include presentations on the safe self-administration of abortion pills, with remote support from an MSI clinician.

Come along and get to know our Ladies in Blue through real stories and videos documenting their skilled care, diligence and sacrifices in meeting challenges they face every day. You’ll be impressed and inspired.

Welcome to this celebration of bold women who make choice possible. 


Real people, real stories, real solutions.

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