International Nurses Day 2022

May 12 is International Nurses Day—and we have so much to celebrate! Every day, around the world, MSI’s caring and dedicated nurses go the extra mile to help women take control of their own bodies and futures. 

It isn’t always easy: You’ll find MSI nurses driving along dusty roads, climbing mountains, and wading through mangrove swamps, to bring reproductive healthcare to communities where there are few if any other options.  

MSI’s nurses travel to remote communities to deliver reproductive healthcare.

Along with travelling long distances, our nurses face other challenges too, from serving in areas unsettled by conflict or disaster to navigating cultural barriers. But no matter what happens, they share a deep commitment to giving women the ability to make their own decisions, and they’re focused on helping every woman make the choice that’s best for her. 

Elizabeth Mattia is one such nurse. As a leader with the Bonthe Island outreach team in Sierra Leone, Elizabeth serves a community that suffers high rates of teen pregnancy and unsafe abortion. The country has one of the highest rates of pregnancy-related death in the world, and access to contraception is essential to reducing maternal mortality and enabling women to pursue the lives they want. But bringing reproductive healthcare to communities with no pharmacy or doctor isn’t easy. 

Elizabeth and a colleague walk to an outreach site.

Just reaching some of these riverine villages is a challenge on its own. There aren’t always roads, and Elizabeth sometimes has to take off her shoes and wade through the swamp with her supplies on her back to reach outreach sites. 

Elizabeth’s persistence and commitment have helped her earn the trust of the local community. She has engaged with local councils and NGO partners to build support for MSI’s services. She and her team focus on providing client-centered services, helping each woman pick the right contraceptive method for her needs.  

On International Nurses Day and every day, we’re grateful for nurses like Elizabeth who overcome any challenge to make choice possible for women no matter where they live.  

Want to know more about the bold MSI providers bringing reproductive healthcare to women around the world? Click here for more inspiring stories! 


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