Going further for women: our impact in 2019

Right now, around the world, 32 million women are walking around with a method of contraception provided by MSI.

That’s 32 million women who have been able to make their own choices about their bodies and their futures. If they stood side by side on the equator, these women would form a human chain that circled the entire globe!

Ndéye Fall poses for a portrait after getting a contraceptive implant in Louga, Senegal.

Our services in 2019 made a real difference in the lives of the women we serve:

13 million unintended pregnancies prevented
6.5 million unsafe abortions averted
34,600 pregnancy-related deaths averted

Every day, our 8,000 service delivery teams get to work, driving outreach vehicles to remote communities and even visiting clients in their homes to reach the women who need us. We provided contraception, safe abortions and lifesaving care after unsafe abortions at more than 50,000 sites around the world!

With your support, we’ll go even further in 2020 to make sure every woman can decide her own future.


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