Stocks and Securities

Donations of appreciated securities – like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds – will advance MSI’s mission while potentially generating added tax benefits for you, avoiding federal capital gains taxes and providing a federal income tax deduction for the current market value of the gift. See combined tax savings of up to 70% of your gift when you donate appreciated stocks or mutual funds.

Consult your broker or tax advisor to discuss how to maximize your philanthropy and your tax benefit by donating appreciated securities. To protect your personal financial information, please contact for our stock transfer instructions. You can also reach us at (202) 601-2825 with any questions about how to securely transfer appreciated securities to MSI US.

You can also use this form to donate stocks and securities. This service from the Giving Block does assess a small processing fee for your transfer of stock. To make sure MSI US receives your full generosity, consider contacting us directly for our stock transfer instructions.

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To give by mail:
Make check payable to MSI United States
PO Box 35528
Washington, DC 20033

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Stocks and Securities
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