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Sustained support helps us plan for the unexpected – and ensures that women have choice no matter what happens. 

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With a gift of just $8 each month, you’ll be giving 12 women freedom from the worry of unintended pregnancy for an entire year, putting them in charge of their futures.

You might be helping a young woman continue her education or seek employment. Maybe you’ll help a mother space out her children, giving the whole family a better chance at a healthier life. Whatever she chooses to do, she’ll have that choice because of you.

A committed community making a difference

Every month, Partners for Choice enable over 1,000 women to choose their own futures for an entire year. You’ll be joining a community of passionate advocates for choice who are transforming women’s lives around the world at a scale that they could never achieve alone.

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When you join Partners for Choice, you automatically reduce our fundraising costs (no need to send you a mail piece or reminders!), so more of your donation can go directly to the women and girls who need it. 

It’s simple to join and there are no strings attached. How many women can you help today? 

As someone who has had the opportunity to travel around the United States and the world, one of the most significant differences between my life and the life of other women I meet is my ability to manage my own reproductive health. This freedom of self-determination is one that I deeply value and believe should be accessible to all people! In addition, because of the politics surrounding reproductive healthcare, many major international donors do not fund initiatives that offer comprehensive health education and real choice. Women around the world will only have access to this care if we, as collective individuals, come together to fund it.

Emma R., MSI US supporter since 2018

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