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You can give twelve women a year of contraception for just $8 a month.

Why you should join the Partners for Choice who give monthly


Giving a recurring gift every month is the best way to protect access to choice for women around the world. While we appreciate every gift, monthly donations give MSI a steady, reliable stream of revenue that allows us to plan ahead and prepare for the unexpected.


A monthly, recurring gift also means reduced fundraising costs (no need to send direct mail appeals and reminders) so more of your donation can go directly to the women and girls who need it  Plus, it spreads the financial impact of your giving across the entire year, making it easier to support the women who need your help.


Setting up a recurring gift is simple using the form below.

Thanks for taking the bold step of joining other donors who have chosen to make choice possible with their philanthropy.  

If you’re an existing monthly donor, you can manage your gift at any time by accessing your online donor portal. To log into the donor portal, you’ll just enter your email address, and then Fundraise Up will email you a secure link.

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Make check payable to MSI United States
PO Box 35528
Washington, DC 20033

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