21 million futures transformed in 2022

In 2022, MSI saw unprecedented demand for sexual and reproductive health and rights and thanks to the support of generous donors, we were able to serve more women and girls than ever before.  

MSI’s 2022 impact, in partnership:

  • 21.1 million clients reached with reproductive healthcare
  • 14.6 million unintended pregnancies avoided
  • 7.2 million unsafe abortions averted
  • 42,600 women and girls’ lives saved
  • More than 35 million women using MSI contraception

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More than 1 billion women and girls of reproductive age are currently living in low- and middle-income countries—a number that’s grown by 100 million in the last decade.  

Because of donor support, 21.1 million women and girls in the 36 countries where MSI provides service gained the bodily control that gave them the power to decide if or when to become pregnant.

They’re more likely to remain in education, achieve financial independence and drive positive change in their communities. 

Bodily autonomy is essential to women like Valiasae in Madgascar, where climate change is devastating farmland and children are dying of malnutrition. After a visit from an MSI outreach team, she told us: “Many women here need family planning to improve their lives. I don’t hesitate to make my friends aware of the advantages of contraception!” 

Choice also made a difference for Maureen, a young woman in Zambia who used contraception to finish her education. “If it was not for the IUD, I might have dropped out of school due to unwanted pregnancy,” Maureen told us.

2022 was a difficult year. Supply chain slow-downs related to COVID-19 continued and opposition to the right to choose grew stronger with news from the US Supreme Court sending shockwaves around the world. Still, MSI”s bold service providers were on the road, overcoming every obstacle thrown in their paths, delivering reproductive choice to 82,000 people every day.

Support from generous donors in the United States and around the world made this extraordinary achievement possible. And, we aren’t slowing down: Our vision is that, by 2030, no abortion will be unsafe and everyone who wants contraception will be able to access it. Thank you for helping us make it happen!  

“Millions more women and girls are making choices about their bodies and futures and our donors, partners, and local teams are transforming access for the next generation.”

Banchiamlack Dessalegn, MSI Africa Director 


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