Impact Gifts

Your gift to MSI will have real impact on the lives of women who have no other options for reproductive healthcare. As our nurse, Damaless Mukaka in Zambia says: “If you empower a woman, you empower the world.” Take a look at what you can do with gifts from $8 on up!

$8 provides one year of contraception

Your gift of $8 can provide a woman with a full year of the contraceptive method of her choice, freeing her from the worry of unintended pregnancy. With contraception, you’ll also be giving her all the education and financial opportunity that comes with reproductive autonomy. 

$55 provides cervical cancer screening in Nigeria

With your gift of $55, you’ll provide cervical cancer screenings for five women in Nigeria. When caught early, cervical cancer is a treatable disease that shouldn’t result in death. Your gift could save the life of a woman who has no other options for reproductive healthcare.     

$80 provides HIV screenings for 20 people

For just $80 you can provide HIV screening for 20 people in any one of the 37 countries where we provide services. Your gift will help prevent the spread of infection and give people the opportunity to start treatment and live longer, healthier lives.   

$165 provides safe delivery services for a woman in Kenya

Your gift of $165 will help a woman in Kenya deliver a baby safely. In most African countries, pregnancy-related causes are the leading cause of death among women of childbearing age. With your gift, you can provide the trained healthcare services for a safe delivery. 

$310 provides sex education to teen girls in Bolivia

Your gift of $310 can provide comprehensive sexuality education for adolescent girls in Bolivia. Studies show that to prevent unintended pregnancies, adolescents need access to contraception and education. Your gift can support MSI programs in schools to help girls better understand their bodies so they can make informed choices and gain reproductive autonomy.   

$450 trains community health workers in Vietnam

With a gift of $450, you can provide a three-day training program to community health workers in Vietnam. Your gift will have impact for years and will provide thousands of women with reproductive healthcare services that would not be available to them otherwise.   

$1,290 keeps outreach teams on the road for three months

A gift of $1,290 will support an outreach team in Tanzania 3 months. Your gift will literally keep us on the road to remote villages so we can reach some of the most vulnerable and marginalized women in the world.   

$3,375 provides three months of condoms in Cambodia

With a gift of $3,375 you could provide condoms for everyone who asks MSI for them for a 3-month period in Cambodia. It’s not just women who want access to contraception. Your gift will help men and women who need condoms to protect against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. 

$100,000 supports an MSI contact center for a year

Your gift of $100,000 can provide high quality counseling and information for more than 60,000 people a year by supporting an MSI contact center. Your gift will be hard at work every day, serving people with little or no other options for care.   

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