2022 Impact:

  • 480,000 people using an MSI-provided method of contraception
  • 84,952 unsafe abortions averted

In Afghanistan, women can face challenges in accessing healthcare. Women are required to have a male chaperone to leave their homes and can be unable to access services delivered by male providers. That’s why, MSI Afghanistan has built a team of dedicated female providers—MSI Ladies—who deliver services to women in the comfort of their own homes. 

For over twenty years, MSI has provided life-saving services in Afghanistan, reaching over 380,000 clients yearly with women’s healthcare, including maternal health and family planning services. 

Haya, an MSI Lady in northern Afghanistan, says: “In Afghanistan, women can feel restricted in what they can share on their health and relationships with male doctors, so as a woman, I wanted to help these women, particularly vulnerable women, with no other access.”