2022 Impact:

  • 377,000 people using an MSI-provided method of contraception
  • 100,000 unsafe abortions averted

MSI Burkina Faso is one of the country’s leading providers of sexual and reproductive healthcare, supported by generous US donors. 

We opened our doors in 2009 and now reach every administrative region of the country. Our network of centers and outreach teams, including youth centers specifically targeted at young people, provide contraception, cervical cancer screening, pre- and post-natal care, and care for clients who have undergone an unsafe abortion.  

Over one million internally-displaced people in Burkina Faso have been driven from their homes by conflict. In such uncertain circumstances, an unintended pregnancy can be devastating—so MSI’s mobile midwives and outreach teams work to ensure that people facing humanitarian crises have access to sexual and reproductive healthcare.