Changing policies to advance choice

In June 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court revoked the right to abortion, unraveling decades of progress for women and girls. We felt the consequences immediately. Anti-choice campaigners rallied around the world to roll back rights in other countries. But we also saw a groundswell of support from people like you who believe in the freedom to choose, and together, we advocated for changes that will allow women around the world to more easily access the healthcare they need.

Portrait of Susana Oyamburu, an MSI doctor, in México City.

Dr. Susana Oyamburu of MSI Mexico told us, “When I heard about the Supreme Court’s decision, I was shocked. MSI Mexico quickly responded to help American women seeking options for safe care. We opened a clinic in Tijuana right across the border in 2022. We’re soon opening another bordering America’s southern states. The anti-choice movement has felt validated by what’s happening in the U.S., but they’re fighting a losing battle. Most countries are expanding abortion rights and access, and MSI is leading the charge.

In 2022, we collaborated with others to create legal and policy changes to expand access to medical abortion in Ethiopia, and successfully advocated for local governments in Kenya to increase their budget for life-saving post-abortion care.

Dr. Oyamburu continued, “Years ago, my good friend needed an abortion while we were in school. We went to a dark, dirty clinic. All I could think was: how can I change this? I’m so proud now to work for MSI, training abortion providers. I’m glad that no one who visits MSI has the same experience as my friend had. They get safe, quality care and support to choose the life they want.”

MSI Mexico has been able to expand access to high-quality care because the Supreme Court of Mexico decriminalized abortion care nationwide in 2021. Their experience shows what a dramatic difference policy makes for women’s access to abortion, and the incredible power of committed advocates pushing for change.

“MSI Mexico is just getting started. We plan to open more clinics and expand our safe abortion care training for healthcare providers in Mexico and the U.S. We’re on the right side of history with more resolve than ever.”

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