Video: How contraception empowered MSI Ghana client Abida to own a business

“Without contraception, I don’t think I would have been here owning my own business.”

Abida is a 28-year-old business owner who sells jewelry, cosmetics, and ladies’ underwear in Accra, Ghana. 

When Abida saw some of her peers drop out of school due to unwanted pregnancy, she asked friends and family for family planning advice, and they directed her to MSI. Not only does Abida now own a business, but she uses her position as a shopowner to talk to other women and girls who have misconceptions about sexual and reproductive health:

“I use myself as an example. I wouldn’t be here by now if I hadn’t used contraception. I would’ve gotten pregnant. I didn’t want that for myself.” 

In the short video below, Abida shares how reproductive choice has allowed her to take control of her body and future.