Choose choice with MSI United States 

Your body. Your education. Your career. Your future. 

You should decide what you do with them. 

And yet, for millions of women worldwide, that choice is impossible, because they cannot access the contraception they want or the safe abortions they need. We’re working to change that. 

We believe that a world in which every woman can choose when, how and if she has a family is a fairer, safer and more sustainable one. 

As Abenaa, a client from Kumasi, Ghana, told us: “The work that MSI does is so important, as everyone needs to be aware of the options that are available to them, so that you can control when they get pregnant. You should only have a child when you are ready to do so.”  

She’s headed back to school for her master’s degree and pursuing the future she wants. She’s able to do that because she had choice. 

We see every day how when women are given control of their bodies and futures, they do amazing things—whether that’s opening a business or becoming the star of the school track team. Our clients are young women looking to protect their health as they plan their futures, mothers trying to see their kids through school, and girls who just want to pass math class without a pregnancy interrupting their education. We’re proud to play a role in helping them pursue the path they choose, whatever it is.  

Reproductive choice, and the freedom it affords, is a fundamental human right. That’s why we fight for it. With support from caring donors who share our belief in the power of choice, we go further than anyone else to make sure everyone who needs us can decide her own future, on her own terms. 

Until every girl is respected. 

Until every woman is empowered. 

Until every pregnancy is wanted. 

Until no-one is left behind. 


Real people, real stories, real solutions.

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