Evidence and Insights

Across the 37 countries where we deliver services, evidence informs everything we do. Our research and impact teams work closely with MSI country programs and partners, gathering data to improve our services.

Woman laugh during a group counseling session at Mushimbo Clinic in Mutoko, Zimbabwe.

These case studies illustrate the diversity of our approach – and the results we can achieve, even in some of the world’s most challenging environments. As we work to meet the urgent need for reproductive healthcare, data and evidence guide our work.

No quick fix: Finding the right recipe to reach young women in need

Future Fab: Helping the next generation of Kenyan girls have a fabulous future

Values clarification: Transforming attitudes to adolescent contraceptive use in Tanzania

Reframing the conversation and removing barriers: What makes a promotional campaign on contraception a success with urban youth?

Changing attitudes to modern contraception in rural Pakistan

The journey to self-injection: What works and what challenges lie ahead?

Who pays for family planning? Taking a step towards national health insurance coverage

Making contact: The critical role of a health care hotline in supporting Kenya’s young women with safe abortion

Routine poverty measurement: An innovative approach to drive equity

Judging the nudge: Applying behavioral economics to promote post-abortion family planning in Nepal

Unintended consequences: Understanding intimate partner violence within a mobile health intervention

Increasing access to modern contraception through task-sharing


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