“In this remote area I am the only one offering family planning to women.”

Durga, MS Lady in Nepal’s Bajura District

In Nepal’s mountainous Bajura District, the nearest health post might be days away on foot, putting contraception out of reach for many women. MS Lady Durga BK makes choice possible in these villages by going door to door, bringing contraception directly to women’s homes.

The trek out to remote villages can be challenging. “It takes three days to reach Bajura from Kathmandu. Offering my service to remote villages takes another three to four days on foot. At times there may be no drinking water, and it is difficult to walk alone as a woman. … It can take nine to ten days to get back home again.”

Durga makes the journey because she knows the women in these villages depend on her—and that without contraception, unintended pregnancies can put their health at risk.

Durga crosses a bridge on her way to the next village.

“Women here get pregnant too often and too young. They are disadvantaged and uneducated. They have a hard life and know little about family planning. Because of the lack of health services and financial difficulties, women often resort to unsafe abortion. They do that by taking herbal medicines that can result in dangerous complications.”

Durga’s services are life-changing for women like Jun Devi, a mother of two children who received a contraceptive implant.

“I use the implant because having too many children can damage my health,” Jun Devi explained. “And I can’t give a third child food, clothes and education because we are in a bad financial situation. It used to be difficult to get family planning services here. The health post is two or three days away. But now I feel lucky that you bring family planning to our home.”

For Durga, knowing she’s made a difference in her clients’ lives makes the trek through the mountains worth it.

“Working in these situations is hard, but I need to be very flexible, because without me, these women would not receive this life-changing service.”

Choices make women bold.

These bold women make choice possible.

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“…if you empower a woman or a girl, then you have empowered the home, the country, the world at large.”

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“I like the job because it gives me an avenue to help women.”

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