Luong Thi Xuyen, an MSI lady, speaking with local women about contraception at an outreach effort at the Vu Linh commune health station in Yen Bai, Vietnam

Join the Leadership Circle of the Blue Door Society

Embark on an inspiring and transformative journey as you step into the Leadership Circle of the Blue Door Society, a community of extraordinary individuals committed to catalyzing global change through their unwavering dedication to choice.

Why the Blue Door?

The iconic blue doors of MSI are a powerful symbol, widely recognized for the trust they engender worldwide. When you join the Leadership Circle with an annual gift of $10,000 or more, your steadfast support ensures that these doors, representing hope and empowerment, remain open to all who seek the essential services they provide.

MSI’s work reaches across the globe to address challenges ranging from the ongoing humanitarian crises to climate-related disasters. By joining the Leadership Circle, you not only¬†contribute financially; you become a driver of change, opening doors of opportunity and empowerment for MSI to meet these challenges head-on.¬† Your involvement transcends the traditional role of a donor – it signifies a commitment to actively shaping the future of reproductive healthcare on the global stage. Your membership in the Blue Door Society’s Leadership Circle becomes a catalyst to choice, empowerment, and positive change.

Benefits of Joining the Blue Door Society Leadership Circle

As a valued member of the Leadership Circle, you will receive insider updates and special invitations to intimate conversations with MSI leadership and program staff where you can meet others who share your commitment to reproductive freedom and have made choice a priority for their philanthropy. You’ll have the opportunity to hear about the women and girls whose lives are transformed by your support first-hand from the people who are putting your generosity to work.

To learn more about the Blue Door Society, please email