2022 Impact:

  • 1,108,000 people using an MSI-provided method of contraception
  • 99,232 unsafe abortions averted

Established in 1987, our program in Malawi is the country’s largest provider of sexual and reproductive health. In fact, MSI is responsible for providing 65% of the country’s contraceptives. With a network of clinics and more than 30 outreach teams, we deliver high-quality services to women living in hard-to-reach rural and urban communities. 

Maternal mortality is high in Malawi, with more than 3,000 women dying each year from pregnancy-related causes—often from unintended pregnancies. Even though abortion is highly restricted in Malawi, about 78,000 women risk their lives undergoing unsafe abortions each year.  

By ensuring access to modern contraception, we’re reducing unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and pregnancy-related deaths.