MSI launches SafeAccess to eliminate unsafe abortion

Every day, women around the world who need an abortion can’t access safe services.

This must change. At MSI, we’ve set a bold goal of ending unsafe abortion in five years. That’s why this week at Women Deliver in Vancouver, we’re joining with Ipas, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Population Services International and the Safe Abortion Action Fund to launch SafeAccess.

MSI providers offer safe, client-centered abortion care.

This groundbreaking online platform will help eliminate unsafe abortion by putting evidence-based guidance in the hands of frontline practitioners and policymakers.

From the southern states of America to sub-Saharan Africa, we see daily attacks on people’s access to reproductive healthcare. Now, with the recent expansion of the Global Gag Rule and in the face of an emboldened opposition, it’s more important than ever to support safe abortion.

Our innovative platform will offer briefs, infographics, videos, toolkits and other resources to show what quality safe abortion and post-abortion care looks like worldwide. With these tools, healthcare providers and policymakers can remove barriers and expand access to life-saving services.

Click here to explore SafeAccess!


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