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arrow rightYour donation today will be tripled to make reproductive choice a reality for the world's most marginalized women. Give girls and women across the globe the right to choose.

Donate to MSI Reproductive Choices today and support a global leader in reproductive healthcare, serving women and girls in 37 countries worldwide.

Your donation today will be triple-matched to make reproductive choice a reality for the world’s most marginalized women by helping MSI go where no one else does. You’re giving women and girls across the globe access to safe reproductive healthcare.  

MSI United States is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports the work of MSI Reproductive Choices, a world leader in reproductive healthcare around the world. Tax deductible donations to MSI United States give American donors the opportunity to help vulnerable women and girls control their own futures through access to contraception and safe abortion

When women and girls make decisions about their bodies and their futures, entire societies benefit. Find out more about our team, then discover how you can get involved

Where we work

MSI works in 37 countries to bring contraception, safe abortion, post-abortion care and other reproductive health services to everyone who wants them.

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