2022 Impact:

  • 6,098,000 people using an MSI-provided method of contraception
  • 3,600,000 clients served
  • 1,400,000 unsafe abortions averted

Our program in Nigeria opened its doors in 2009, and quickly became one of the country’s only providers of long-acting and permanent contraception. Over 1 in 10 women in Nigeria using contraception is using a method provided by MSI! 

MSI works with the Government of Nigeria and other stakeholders across all 36 of the country’s states to ensure all women and girls – including those living in rural and poor communities – can access the healthcare they need to for greater control over their bodies and futures. The need is great: Despite our success in Nigeria there are still an estimated 8.8 million women of reproductive age who want to avoid pregnancy but are not currently using a modern method of contraception. 

Support from generous US donors funds our work in Nigeria, including a network of centers, outreach teams, and more than 100 mobile midwives known as MSI Ladies, who deliver contraception to women in their homes and communities.