In Memory of Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey, free speech and civil liberties advocate and co-founder of MSI Reproductive Choices, sadly passed away at the age of 83 on December 2, 2021.

In 1976, the Marie Stopes Memorial Foundation went into liquidation and Phil, Tim Black and his wife Jean put up the money to buy the lease of the famous clinic at 108 Whitfield Street, London W1, where Marie Stopes had opened her Mothers Clinic in 1925. With this, Marie Stopes International, now MSI Reproductive Choices (MSI), came into being.

Phil served as a board member and trustee of MSI from 1976 to 2021, and helped turn an organization reaching 150,000 women annually in the 1970s into one serving more than 19.4 million people a year today.

In addition to founding MSI, Phil also founded DKT International and co-founded Population Services International.

Never afraid to push boundaries, Phil took the fight for sexual and reproductive healthcare and rights to U.S. Courts in numerous legal challenges, including in the Supreme Court.

Simon Cooke, the CEO of MSI Reproductive Choices, said: “Phil Harvey was a serial entrepreneur, thinker and author who dedicated his life and career to defending liberty, freedom of speech, and sexual and reproductive health and rights around the world. As a co-founder of MSI and PSI, and founder of DKT, the legacy he leaves is enormous.”