arrow rightWe work with governments, communities and local leaders to deliver safe, modern reproductive healthcare services to women no matter where they are. Because choice is meaningless without access.

Where we work

MSI works in 36 countries to bring contraception, safe abortion, post-abortion care and other reproductive health services to everyone who wants them.

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The Challenge

Right now, there are 257 million women who want contraception but have no way to get it. Worldwide, 35 million unsafe abortions occur each year. That’s why we’re challenging ourselves to go farther and provide services to even more women, adolescent girls and communities.

Global Strategy

By 2030 no abortion will be unsafe and everyone who wants it will have access to the safe, modern contraception method of their choice.

Our goals are bold, and we have the strategies to achieve them.

Leave No One Behind

We will increase access to life-changing sexual and reproductive health services to adolescents, those living in extreme poverty and those in marginalized communities.

Strengthen Partnerships with Private Sector

We will reduce reliance on unsafe care options by giving women access to more safe options through partnerships with other organizations in the private sector.

Client-Powered Reproductive Healthcare

We will provide reliable, quality contraceptives and medical abortion/post-abortion care products via pharmacies, giving women more direct control over their reproductive healthcare.

MSI’s Service Delivery Channels

MSI began providing services in 1976, from established centers in towns and cities. Since then, we’ve expanded our delivery model to ensure we can reach as many women as possible where and when they need us. We focus on reaching poor women, adolescents and people living in remote, rural communities because they face greater challenges in accessing the services that make choice possible.

Each of our six service channels offer the same high-quality, client-focused care. We keep our clients at the center of everything we do, striving to understand their unique challenges and meet their needs.

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We’ve grown from a single center in London to over 300 centers worldwide. Centers are the backbone of our operations. We put a lot of thought into their location, design and the way they are run so that the clients who visit are comfortable from the moment they walk through our blue door.

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MSI Ladies are mobile midwives and nurses, visiting clients in their homes or working in the community. Their discretion and flexibility help us reach women and adolescents who otherwise couldn’t access contraceptive services due to stigma and other barriers.

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Our hundreds of outreach teams bring reproductive health services to some of the world’s most hard-to-reach communities. We travel using whatever means necessary to reach people – from planes in Papua New Guinea, to tuk-tuks in Tanzania, to boats in Bangladesh – to provide reproductive healthcare services in rural and remote communities.

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We train and support public sector workers already working in government-run health services in urban and remote rural communities. By partnering with Ministries of Health, we reach more women with accessible, affordable and high-quality contraception and safe abortion, and improve the skills and knowledge of health workers.

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We partner with existing private healthcare providers to deliver high-quality contraception and safe abortion on our behalf. Over 2,340 franchisees worldwide provide services through our BlueStar brand, increasing access while enabling local entrepreneurs to lift themselves out of poverty and create jobs in their community.

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This channel distributes our own brands of quality contraception and abortion pills, where legal, through pharmacies, community-based distributors and other private outlets. Our social marketing sales channel brings contraception and safe abortion closer to clients we do not reach through other channels.

Our 2023 Global Impact


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of clients are

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unintended pregnancies prevented


unsafe abortions prevented

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deaths prevented