2022 Impact:

  • 609,000 people using an MSI-provided method of contraception
  • 422,000 clients served
  • 64,000 unsafe abortions averted

Established in 1987, our programs in Zimbabwe is one of the country’s largest sexual and reproductive health organizations, providing services across all of Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces. 

Through outreach teams and a network of centers, MSI works closely with the government of Zimbabwe and other stakeholders to provide services in hard-to-reach areas. We offer affordable, high-quality contraception, care after unsafe abortion, as well as maternal and child health services, cervical cancer screening, and testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. 

While Zimbabwe has a high contraceptive prevalence rate compared to its neighbors, accessing reproductive choice can still be difficult for women living in poverty and adolescents. MSI’s programs are designed to reach the most marginalized.   

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