Abortion providers speak out

International Safe Abortion Day  

September 28 is International Safe Abortion Day! We reached out to MSI team members around the world to ask why they chose to become abortion providers. Their answers will inspire you: 

Sonic, Midwife, MSI Cambodia 

“As a service provider, I am disappointed to hear about [the Roe v Wade decision]. I think when women are restricted from getting an abortion, they might seek unsafe abortions and have to spend lots of money, in order to get the services. That includes cross-state traveling to find a state that is safe for accessing care. Therefore, I think legalizing abortion services, is a very good choice for Cambodia. I hope we still keep these services legal, and don’t restrict them as the US.” 

Why I Provide from MSI Reproductive Choices on Vimeo.

Susana, Medical Quality Supervisor, Marie Stopes Mexico 

“For me, the right to choose to have an abortion is like any other right and there should be no restrictions or limitations to access. This is what drives women to seek unsafe abortions and put their lives at risk. I’m proud to be part of MSI, because it allows me to accompany the women who visit us every day in the decision they are making about their lives, and to be able to advise them on their family planning. This helps them to achieve their goals, or life plans they could have in future.  

I think we have gone forward a lot, but we are still exposed to different barriers. A very frequent one is that woman live with the fear of being judged by their family, society or even by us. The other is a fear of not being able to have a future pregnancy.  

I like very much being able to advise them, to be able of give them the reassurance that the procedure is safe and that if they decide in the future to proceed with a pregnancy, it will not impact that choice.” 

Susana Oyamburu Viejo, clinical doctor of MSI in México City.

Dr. Ty Seyha, the Centre Manager at Marie Stopes, Cambodia 

“I provide safe abortion services here because the rate of women having unintended pregnancy is high and they need licensed providers who can provide safe services. I’m proud of being a member of the medical community and helping society, especially in promoting public health and reducing sickness and maternal mortality rate in Cambodia

Why am I pro-choice? I’m pro-choice because it’s the client’s rights to make their own decision, to choose which service they want. I’m able to help them have children when they want or help them space their children’s births, so that they have time to look after their children, earn income, and get the opportunity to make a living.” 

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