Meet Diana, a young educator chasing her dreams

When Diana, a 25-year-old woman in Oaxaca, Mexico, left her small town for the city, she had big plans for the future. She grew up in a mountain community where most people made a living farming corn, beans or coffee. But she dreamed of becoming an educator and one day opening her own school. 

She had recently finished a degree in education and had plans to pursue a master’s degree when her dreams were threatened by an unintended pregnancy.  

Diana knew that becoming a parent before she was ready would end her plans for her education. She was determined to end the pregnancy—by herself if necessary. 

Diana and Yadira, an MSI team member in Oaxaca.

Oaxaca decriminalized abortion in 2019, becoming just the second state in Mexico to do so. However, because of social stigma and lack of education, less-safe abortion methods are still widespread. In Diana’s hometown, abortion was only discussed in whispers and she was sure her parents would be against it. She knew other women who had turned to unreliable and sometimes toxic abortion using herbal medicine. She asked a friend for advice, and that friend suggested a different route: Reach out to Yadira, a team member at MSI Mexico

Diana started researching MSI’s work, and eventually felt comfortable contacting Yadira. Yadira assured her that with medication, Diana could end her pregnancy safely and privately. She answered all Diana’s questions, putting her mind at ease. With support from Yadira, Diana was able to safely end her pregnancy. She also began using a contraceptive implant, to avoid unintended pregnancies in the future. 

“I realized that it was not the right time to have a child because emotionally I was not ready and economically even less,” Diana says. “I wanted to continue studying, to continue with my career, to grow as a person.” 

“My future belongs to me!”

Since her abortion, Diana has become a vocal supporter of the right to choose. When coworkers have questions about reproductive health, she confidently directs them to Yadira. “The fact that we can decide is really important because we are standing up and supporting each other.”  

MSI is able to support women like Diana in Mexico thanks to generous support from US donors. Because of people like you, Diana has a bright future ahead of her. She was able to make the best choice for her and pursue a dream that will benefit her whole community. 


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