The World: Trump and Biden split on Global Gag Rule

Hear MSI’s Dr. Carole speak about the impact of the Global Gag Rule on Public Radio International

In a recent report, Public Radio International’s “The World” spoke to MSI Uganda country director Dr. Carole Sekimpi about the impacts of the Global Gag Rule on women’s health. Click here to hear the full report on PRI.

President Trump re-instated the Global Gag Rule in 2017, cutting off US Government funding for organizations that provide or even talk about abortion. MSI could never accept its conditions, and as a result faced a $120 million funding gap over four years. Dr. Carole explained to The World why MSI continues to offer abortion-related services:

“I think what really helps is to empower women with information, so that they can make informed choices concerning their bodies.”

Dr. Carole Sekimpi
Dr. Carole Sekimpi is the country director for MSI in Uganda.

Providing women with contraception and safe abortion gives them control over their own bodies and futures, and saves their lives. The Global Gag Rule has cut off women’s access to reproductive healthcare in Uganda and around the world, and it must be repealed.

Click here to hear the full report.


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