When abortion rights are under attack in the U.S., it hurts women around the world. But together we can #ProtectChoice. 

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, the impact on abortion rights will be felt worldwide.  

According to a leaked draft, the Supreme Court intends to overturn the federal right to abortion any day—meaning the door to safe abortion for 36 million women is about to slam shut. But the misery won’t end at America’s shores. Anti-abortion opposition forces everywhere are watching and taking notes.   

As a global reproductive healthcare provider, MSI sees the terrible consequences of restricting access to abortion every day. Women who’ve swallowed poisons or perforated their uterus or bowels, all in the desperate attempt to end an unintended pregnancy.    

The evidence is clear: banning abortion doesn’t prevent abortion, it only makes abortion less safe – and women who are poor suffer the most. Join us in taking action to protect choice for vulnerable women worldwide. 

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There has never been a more critical time to support this right and defend choice with everything that we collectively have. Your gift today will help us prepare for a groundswell of anti-choice activism and protect choice in countries around the world.