How US orgs are protecting choice

We won’t go back. 

On May 2, 2022, the political news outlet, Politico released a leaked document from the Supreme Court.   The document was a 98-page draft opinion, authored by Justice Alito overturning Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case it had heard in December 2021.   

Abortion politics in the United States have profound impact on abortion politics everywhere. Anti-abortion forces take cues from their allies in the US.  Our country programs in Africa and Asia, already challenged to make choice possible for women, see the opposition emboldened by news from the US. They’ve experienced more frequent interference at their centers, hacking of their communications, and increased political influence. While MSI does not provide services in the US, we carefully monitor the politics here. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues at organizations who share our commitment to the right to choose.   

MSI US team members protested in front of the Supreme Court in the wake of the leaked decision.

And so, on May 4, 2022, just two days after the leak, MSI United States joined a call with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, UltraViolet, Women’s March, ACLU, Liberate Abortion, MomsRising, NARAL, SEIU and the United States of Women to discuss efforts to send a strong message that abortion access must be protected.   

This group had been working together in preparation for a June announcement. With the leak, they sprang into action, launching the Bans Off Our Bodies campaign early.  

By May 14th, marches had been organized in dozens of states. Protests in cities across the country turned out more than a million people, including MSI team members. It was a powerful demonstration that support for abortion rights is strong in the US.  

That was the start.  There’s much more to come when the official decision is announced. And we need your help.  

How can I get involved? 

The Bans Off Our Bodies campaign is taking action on several fronts and women everywhere are depending on people like you to take action.  

  1. Sign up. Get news alerts from Planned Parenthood about where to join in.  
  1. Post. Show that you’re part of the movement against abortion bans by posting on social media.  Bans Off Our Bodies has graphics you can use.  When you post, it inspires others to get involved. 
  1. March. Demonstrations are being organized for the day the decision is officially released.  You and your friends can find information about where to join others in your community at   
  1. Inspire Others. Get yourself and others fired up by hosting a watch party of The Janes, a documentary available on HBO Max about an underground abortion network that operated in the US before Roe v. Wade made abortion legal.  You can make your protest signs while your watch! 
  1. Donate. To continue to make choice possible for women everywhere, we need your support. Please give. 

MSI will continue to support our colleagues in the US, by sharing information with our supporters, and social media followers, by coming out to protest and encouraging others to voice their opinions. Because, what happens here, affects women everywhere.   


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